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CYPHERXZERO02   10 Pack- CYPHERX-ZERO Receiver- SCAR® 17s compatible
Bushing   3/8" OD Router Bushing with anti-loosening wave spring
I142150020   Back Plate- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142210020   Barrel Screw Support - Scar® 16/17/Cypher /Cypher X Compatible
I142210020-20   Barrel Screw Support - Scar® 20s Compatible
I144300010   Bolt Cam Pin- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
CarrierMod   Bolt Carrier Conversion Service
I184200030   Bolt Head Assembly- 308 Scar​® 17/CypherX compatible
CMMG-Thread-Adapter   CMMG Thread Adapter, PS90®
Consumables   Consumables for Repair Jig
MTMX   Cypher MTM - Black Anodize- 308
MTMX02   Cypher MTM - Magpul FDE- 308
MTM   Cypher MTM- Black Anodize - 5.56
MTM02   Cypher MTM- Magpul FDE - 5.56
CYPHER-01   CYPHER Receiver- Black Anodized- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHER-02   CYPHER Receiver- Grey Anodized- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHER-03   CYPHER Receiver- Magpul FDE Cerakote- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHERZERO01   CYPHER-ZERO Receiver- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHERX-01   CYPHERX Receiver- Black Anodized- SCAR® 17s compatible
CYPHERX-02   CYPHERX Receiver- Grey Anodized- SCAR® 17s compatible
CYPHERX-03   CYPHERX Receiver- Magpul FDE- SCAR® 17s compatible
CYPHERXZERO01   CYPHERX-ZERO Receiver- SCAR® 17s compatible
I000009190   Ejector Retaining Pin- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I144270010   Ejector Spring- 5.56 Scar® 16/Cypher compatible
I144260010   Ejector- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
20-0001   Enhanced Take-Down Button
20-0003   Extended Charging Handle Assembly
I144220010   Extractor Spring- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I184240010   Extractor- 308 Scar​® 17/CypherX compatible
I144240020   Extractor- 5.56 Scar® 16/Cypher compatible
I144350010   Firing Pin Retaining Assembly- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
fbs01   Fluted Barrel Shroud
F142120010   FNH® SCAR® 16 S/Cypher Internal Receiver Cam Rail
F182120010   FNH® SCAR® 17 S Internal Receiver Cam Rail
SA01   Minimalist HK UMP Stock, B+T APC Stock and SB Tactical Pistol Brace adapter for SCAR®/Cypher Receivers
link01   MTM NFA M16 Linkage Kit
link02   MTM Rare Breed Trigger FRT Linkage Kit
Selector-Switch   PS90®/FS2000®/P90® Compatible Three-Way Aluminum Selector Switch
Selector-Switch-Infinity   PS90®/FS2000®/P90® Three-Way (Infinity) Aluminum Selector Switch
Cyx0Jig   Repair Jigs for CypherX zero, Cypher, CypherX, Scar® 16+17
I3142180010   Return Spring Guide Support- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142310020   S7 Tool Steel Barrel Extension Screw- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142200010   Screw Support Nut - Scar® 16/17/Cypher Compatible
I142130010   Side Rail Block- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142220010   Support Screw Spring - Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I145130010   Trigger Module Retaining Clip- Scar 16/17/Cypher MTM Compatible
I145120010   Trigger Module Take Down Pin- Scar ® 16/17/Cypher MTM Compatible

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