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CYPHERXZERO02   10 Pack- CYPHERX-ZERO Receiver- SCAR® 17s compatible
Bushing   3/8" OD Router Bushing with anti-loosening wave spring
I142150020   Back Plate- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142210020   Barrel Screw Support - Scar® 16/17/Cypher /Cypher X Compatible
I142210020-20   Barrel Screw Support - Scar® 20s Compatible
I144300010   Bolt Cam Pin- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
CarrierMod   Bolt Carrier Conversion Service
I184200030   Bolt Head Assembly- 308 Scar​® 17/CypherX compatible
CMMG-Thread-Adapter   CMMG Thread Adapter, PS90®
Consumables   Consumables for Repair Jig
MTMX   Cypher MTM - Black Anodize- 308
MTMX02   Cypher MTM - Magpul FDE- 308
MTM   Cypher MTM- Black Anodize - 5.56
MTM02   Cypher MTM- Magpul FDE - 5.56
CYPHER-01   CYPHER Receiver- Black Anodized- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHER-02   CYPHER Receiver- Grey Anodized- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHER-03   CYPHER Receiver- Magpul FDE Cerakote- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHERZERO01   CYPHER-ZERO Receiver- SCAR® 16s compatible
CYPHERX-01   CYPHERX Receiver- Black Anodized- SCAR® 17s compatible
CYPHERX-02   CYPHERX Receiver- Grey Anodized- SCAR® 17s compatible
CYPHERX-03   CYPHERX Receiver- Magpul FDE- SCAR® 17s compatible
CYPHERXZERO01   CYPHERX-ZERO Receiver- SCAR® 17s compatible
I000009190   Ejector Retaining Pin- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I144270010   Ejector Spring- 5.56 Scar® 16/Cypher compatible
I144260010   Ejector- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
20-0001   Enhanced Take-Down Button
20-0003   Extended Charging Handle Assembly
I144220010   Extractor Spring- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I184240010   Extractor- 308 Scar​® 17/CypherX compatible
I144240020   Extractor- 5.56 Scar® 16/Cypher compatible
I144350010   Firing Pin Retaining Assembly- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
fbs01   Fluted Barrel Shroud
SA01   Minimalist HK UMP Stock, B+T APC Stock and SB Tactical Pistol Brace adapter for SCAR®/Cypher Receivers
link01   MTM NFA M16 Linkage Kit
RBLink   MTM Rare Breed Trigger FRT Linkage Kit
Selector-Switch   PS90®/FS2000®/P90® Compatible Three-Way Aluminum Selector Switch
Selector-Switch-Infinity   PS90®/FS2000®/P90® Three-Way (Infinity) Aluminum Selector Switch
I3142180010   Return Spring Guide Support- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142310020   S7 Tool Steel Barrel Extension Screw- Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
F142120010   S7 Tool Steel Internal Receiver Cam Rail for FNH(tm) SCAR(tm) 16S, Cypher
F182120010   S7 Tool Steel Internal Receiver Cam Rail for FNH(tm) SCAR(tm) 17S, CypherX
I142200010   Screw Support Nut - Scar® 16/17/Cypher Compatible
I142130010   Side Rail Block- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142240010   Side Rail Nut- Scar 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I142220010   Support Screw Spring - Scar® 16/17/Cypher/CypherX compatible
I145130010   Trigger Module Retaining Clip- Scar 16/17/Cypher MTM Compatible
I145120010   Trigger Module Take Down Pin- Scar ® 16/17/Cypher MTM Compatible

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